Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is who I side with?

Last night I was watching the GOP debate and thought, "I have no idea what these people stand for." Sure, they're Republicans. But that doesn't mean they're all cut from the same cloth. I'll be thinking the same thing when the Dems debate on October 13th.

So I went to the political quiz on Here are my results:

A few first impressions:

1. Really?!
2. Apparently, I'm not dogmatic. That's good.
3. So my #1 person isn't even officially running, yet?
4. Hucklebee's #2, huh?
5. There's only a 3% difference between Hillary Clinton and Hucklebee/Bush? Don't tell their bases that.

But the truth is, these results were reached by some pretty weak guesses. Honestly, I don't have a firm enough grasp on the issues to confidently answer questions like these:

Should the U.S. expand offshore oil drilling?

Should the federal government continue to give tax credits and subsidies to the wind power industry?

Do you believe labor unions help or hurt the economy?

Do you support the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

I think too often citizens in this country base their vote on some hot buttons that make great sound bites, and ignore less glamorous issues that ultimately play a bigger role in our economy and national security.

So to figure out where I really stand on issues that I know nothing about, I'll be posting questions from the isidewith questionnaire with my current, limited opinions. Please respond with your comments and tell me where I'm right and where I'm wrong. You can even do it anonymously, as long as you're not trolling. (Haters comments will be deleted. You've got to think to play.) Then let's see if Joe, Hucklebee and Jeb stay in their top slots.

Where did you end up with isidewith's quiz? Were you surprised?